Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Labour and book timings

With Alastair Campbells diaries out and soon to be released Tony Blair 'A Journey' and Peter Mandlesons 'The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour' by Peter Mandelson and I expect others to come. Call me cynical if you wish but are the claims of New Labour being dead or perhaps not wanting to win the last election an attempt to sell books in the back of the minds of these men.

David Miliband is now calling Labour 'Next Labour'. I have a suggestion why not call Labour simply 'Labour'. Then it can be Next, New, Old all in one.

The timing of political books is almost always perfect for the publisher and in this rair case safe for Labour. Political books are often serialised in a given newspaper with some 'revelations' and timed to cause concern and therefore sell more books.

I will be buying the Dark Lord's book (Peter Mandlesons) as I expect this will be a good read and underneath it all Peter does entertain and interesting. I can't bring myself to give Tony Blair any of my money or read Alastair Campbells diaries because I can't stand Alastair.

I expect New Labour to be trashed and replaced with New New Labour.

So who is buying these books then, Let me know?

Todays link is to Darrell Goodliffe blog Moments of Clarity Leftie and Labour who has a blog on Mandelson’s mischief making….


  1. You want to give some of your money to Peter Mandelson though?

  2. hmm good point, should I reconsider

  3. I think the library. I'd hate to part with good money and discover that they were as unreadble as Thatcher's volumes as I suspect Blair's might be. I certainly don't want to give anything to Mandleson, but I suspect that it will be rather like Tony Benn's diaries. Interesting, gossipy and perhaps at times sad.

  4. Probably do much better than my book anyway!
    Google Books
    Just a jolly good romp.
    The suspenders may not be what you think they are...

  5. I dont know Alvin, any chance to advertise your book.