Friday, 30 July 2010

Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story review‏

I recently watched Michael Moore's  documentary Capitalism: A Love Story.

I always enjoy Michael Moore's films but I do always have problems wrestling with the agenda of his stories. Although often don't disagree with the agenda I don't like have it smacked in my face every five minutes. This of course does happen in Moore's films.

This film covers how capitalism is not working for the working people of America and goes on to say all the problems with it. Its not offering alternatives just suggests that it needs control. there is plenty of ammo for him to get his teeth into.

One thing lacking in Moore's film on capitalism is an explanation as to what happened in the banking crisis perhaps he could of done a funny cartoon to cover this as his films have done in the past (I'm thinking of Bowling for Columbine with the cartoon of white people needing guys to protect themselves from African Americans). Maybe he didn't bother because others have covered it, I'm not sure but I would of like to of seen this in the film.

The best bits for me n the film is when Moore deals with the stories on people lives like employee insurance where companies have not had enough employees die to meet their profit margins 'Dead Peasant Insurance'. The Florida estate agent who buys cheap foreclosed properties with Condo Vultures from 'bottom feeders' as he calls them.

The film is more like his old TV program 'TV Nation' and therefore a return for me to his best. I think his over documentary thought good and enjoyable have missed some of the old Michael Moore.

There where a few flashes of Moores dislike of Bush which led him putting too much faith in Obama. Although it would appear that Moore feels like he is doing this all on his own and at the end he calls for others to help him. I think Moore needs to be prepared to be disappointed on both counts.

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  1. One problem I have with this film is when Moore goes to look at the declaration of independence looking for the word Capitalist whilst talking about Democracy.

    Why was he not also looking for the word Democracy?

    Oh thats right it is not there!