Wednesday, 21 July 2010

One year with the army in Sanginm Afghanistan‏

I recommend watching the Newsnignt special where A Company, 2nd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment is followed for a year in Sanginm Afghanistan, See Iplayer here.

This is filmed by the soldiers themselves and also shows the interaction between them and the Afghan army. There is a very harsh moment when you see one Afghan solder who is blown up and looses all of his limbs. In this you can see the good and bad sides of the afghan army (who only receive 8 weeks training) certainly the positives aspects such as improvised explosive device detection which is not shown in our media.

There are some massive school boy errors too by the Afghan army which only looks worse then shown beside the highly professional British army. This film also demonstrates not only how hard it is to fight the enemy especially when that enemy is so hard too see, but shows how hard this war is on the partners of the solders.


  1. Our troops might as well come home now before any more die is this unwinnable war.

    The Taliban know that they only have to wait a few years and the allied troops will leave (presumeably claiming some sort of hollow victory), and then the Taliban will take over again.

    Political pressures at home mean that the US and UK forces can't stay indefinitely - just a shame that our politicians and senior military commanders don't have the guts to do the right thing.

    As ever, lions lead by donkeys.

  2. Im starting to feel the same way about our brave solders. I really cant stand to see any more of our troops die. I can see that the Afghan army does need more training so Im only holding on for that and worries oever pakistan