Thursday, 15 July 2010

Understanding the support for Raoul Moat

There has been a Facebook campaign in support of Raoul Moat as well as flowers left at the scene of Moat's death and yesterday David Cameron PM said during PMQ "There should be no sympathy for Moat, a callous murderer", this was after being asked to talk to Facebook and ask them to take the site down. I mostly agree with him that this support for Moat is odd.

Of course the government should not be asking Facebook to take this site down. I don't believe the government will and I think it would be wrong for the government to get involved in these sites.

Human behaviour can often be odd even though Moat has shot Samantha Stobbart, killed Chris Brown and wounded PC David Rathband. This appears to of been forgotten because he has become an anti hero to some as there was a massive man hunt for him and others hid Moat from the police.

Of course Moat does not appear to of received the right treatment and I speculate that prison may not of help his state of mind. Indeed there has now been a number of reports that Moat had taped recordings with social workers demonstrating increasingly paranoid. Moat even ask for a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

There's not doubt that an investigation (always required when someone is shot) is required as the use of a  Taster stun guns could of had a reflex reaction while Moat was holding the gun. Indeed these guns themselves were not approved by the home office. So there are issue that need looking at but at the end of the day Moat did kill a man and shot others. I cant have any sympathy for that.


  1. Good, glad he's dead. Who's going to miss him?

  2. I disagree, but do realise I'm pretty alone in my opinion.

    If you're interested, there's a post why on my blog though, seeing I'm quite sleep deprived it probably won't make much sense!

  3. The actions of Raoul Moat are by rational standards not heroic.
    What is heroic is that he has asked for mental health treament.
    When I was in a great deal of stress & anguish my mnetal haelth professional told me, "That beacuse you don't seem to be a danger, the only way you will get help is to gos berserk wth an AK42"
    I do hope Mr Moat was not given the same advice!