Monday, 5 July 2010

Spying on communities with hidden cameras‏

Hidden cameras in Birmingham's Muslim areas are now to be removed. These are not just a few cameras but 218 cameras of which 72 were hidden and others were number plate recognition cameras.

How did we ever let this happen? What with this and PVE (see my post here) how can Muslim communities every expect the government to trust them. Personally I can't believe a Labour government become this distrusting of what was a community that were more likely to vote for them. If I was Muslim I would never vote for Labour again.

Residents said they were 'not consulted'. Damn right that's because they (the police state?, the government?) are spying on you. It's shocking to think that this can happen in a parliamentary democracy. Frankly I'm embarrassed that people refer to Britain as a Liberal society when this type of community surveillance project can be signed off and setup.

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