Monday, 7 December 2009

Benefit Cheats Don't Just Cost You Money

I am not a big fan of benefit culture, well those of us that pay our taxes aren’t. I’m dead against those that abuse the benefits system. For example those young ladies who have a new born baby every year (I know people who actually do this) and therefore they don’t work and let their mothers take the strain. I’m against the rude somalian lady who pushes into you on the bus with about 7 kids in tow, who I’m paying for. Like many others this makes me very angry indeed.

The other reason why this benefit culture makes me angry is that it affects those that generally need some benefit or help. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a pro lefty I just hate unfairness.

I live in a single bed room flat. My flats have about one third social housing. We have drug busts, alcoholics and good old street arguments, most people here however are civilised, hardworking and good people.

For example there is someone in my flats who gets many jobs but can’t keep them for a minute. This person does want to work but they have a number of problems that just add up, you know, there’s always a reason why something bad comes up. These reasons could be previous drug suppliers banging down the door in the middle of the night because they no longer work for them, a drunk mother arguing with them or there alcoholic neighbour banging on the door telling them that he hates them etc. Because this is the world they live in. At the moment this person is off work sick because their on some medication for something or other.

So because the government is being hard because of the cheats who know how to play the system their benefit has been stopped. Problem is now their not getting anything (for many complicated reasons), so what will they do now, well looks like its back to selling drugs.

They don’t have anyone in the system to turn too and on one for advice (other than me). They need some real guidance and direction for their life. Because their family is not giving them one and nor is society. Some time people do need help because not everyone can help themselves. But the system kicks the wrong person, the lost person not that bad benefit cheat.

I have a friend who worked for the home office. They also get angry with those who know how to play the system, who knows how too keep appeals and leave to remain running for years. These cheats mean that people who are generally fleeing from harm and do go though the system are sent back to face torture or worse. While others who are economic migrants get leave to remain.

So we don’t just need a hard system we need a system that actually works. One that is more personal. Not just passing people from one person to another but one where situations can be understood and therefore properly accessed.

So next time you consider benefit cheats remember it could be complicated and they may not just be cheating you and me out of taxes or services but are cheating those that really need these services or benefits that our once kind society thought was right to provide. Thanks cheaters.

Sorry if I just made you angrier, but it could be worse you could have just read the Daily Mail (now I’m really angry).

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