Tuesday, 2 February 2010

By-Election In Owlsmoor Includes Mark Reckons

A Borough Council By-Elections in the Ward of Olwsmoor will be held at the Owlsmoor Community Centre from 7am to 10pm at Yeovil Road on 25th February. This by-election has be called because of the the sad death of Councillor Ray Simonds.

The candidates standing in for the position of Borough Councillor are;

Norman William Bowers - Conservative
Peter Martin Forbes - Green Party
Guy Alexandar Gillbe - Labour Party
Mark James Thompson - Liberal Democrats

And this election also includes Town Councillor;

Wallington Philip - Conservative
Peter Martin Forbes - Green Party
Guy Alexandar Gillbe - Labour Party
Ian James Simmons - UK Independence Party
Mark James Thompson - Liberal Democrats

I find it odd that UKIP are only contesting the town council, did they fill in the wrong form? Why not both seats?

Interestingly both the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party did not contest this seat in May 2007 only one UKIP and one Independent stood (in a seat which requires two councillors). To find results for the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party you have to go back to May 2003 when the Liberal Democrats received 2% more votes than the Labour Party and each Conservative received 32% of the vote.

Results for both years are as follows;

May 2007
David James Worrall
- Conservative 754 37% Elected
Raymond Simonds - Conservative 716 35% Elected
David William Vousden - Independent 347 17% Not elected
George William Barrand - UK Independence 245 12% Not elected

May 2003
David James Worrall - Conservative 582 32% Elected
Richard Hugh Thomas - Conservative 580 32% Elected
David Mohammed - Liberal Democrat 348 19% Not elected
Brian David Wilson - Labour 309 17% Not elected

Of added interest in this local election is that top Lib Dem blogger Mark Thompson (see Mark Reckons) is standing in this election. So expect some extra insight and blogs from Mark on running for a borough Council election. It will also be worth seeing if a national blogger effects a local election. This is not the first time a top political blogger has been a candidate in Bracknell, Iain Dale came 3rd in the Conservative PPC Primary, which was won by Phillip Lee.

So all that remains to be said is good luck too all the candidates. I also think its a good and brave thing to put yourself up for election, to represent the local people on the council and indeed to be involved in local democracy.


  1. Sandhurst Town Council is a bloc of Labour- lackey Tory borough councillors. That bloc must be broken up for the sake of democratic representation of the people of Sandhurst.
    UKIP have a very strong candidate in Mr Ian Simmons, a respected local man who has lived and breathed in Sandhurst for the last 50 years. He was educated locally, he has his feet on the ground there, he has positive views to improve the area and is enthusiastic about changing it for the better.
    Ian is supported by UKIP Bracknell, who see this opportunity to again allow the good people of Owlsmoor to vote UKIP as they have done before, and to drive home the message that UKIP has the radical common sense policies that will kick the look-alike LibLabCons out of their complacency in local government.

  2. How do you know who the candidates are? I looked at http://www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/your-council/yc-electoral-services/yc-owlsmoor-ward-by-election.htm at 10pm and they wernt there. I wanted a BNP to stand so I can vote to stop immigration, get out of the EU and support our military people. So I suppose I’ll vote UKIP, at least they want a smaller government as well.

  3. UKIP Bracknell - Your right we do need some other parties in there to mix it up. Althought the Town council is not the place to do it, the Borough council have more power.

    WOTNOBNP - I have my sources
    BTW the council can do nothing about immigration, we should vote for councillors on local not national issues.

    Also the BNP have a very bad record in Councils. In Owlsmoor I imagine the largest amount of immigrants are the Ghurka's, is this who you are reffering too, what dont you like about them, what have they done for you appart from defending our country, they are the military people we should be supporting are they not?

  4. I want to vote for a BNP because he thinks like what I do. I don’t want all them immigrants coming in. Those labour types in the Bracknell council says that we has to look after them when they get here and they pay them money even when they aint paid any taxes like what we do. The local people here don’t get a look in because the immigrants get looked after first. And then those Europe people say that sandhurst has to put up signs in the parks in their languages. I know that BNP people would not let that happen. Thats why I want to have a BNP man in the council because he woddant put up with it and stop all that stuff. So coz there aint a BNP in sandhaurst I will have to vote for the UKIp who want to stop immigration too.

  5. At about 10am today (4th Feb) the official BFC electoral website posted the candidates for the Owlsmoor ward elections and confirmed Daz's post. No BNP standing. I'll drink to that.

  6. @wotnobnp: So I suppose I'll vote UKIP, at least they want a smaller government as well.

    If you think the BNP wants a smaller government I think you'll be rudely surprised; they are nationalist-socialists.

  7. Niklas, Lib Dems and Torys are also parties of smaller government only really Labour how are not and there time in power has proven this

  8. @Niklas oh your so right about the BNP remember they are a party of benefits, socialist too, thats why Labour worry about them so much

  9. I got a leaflet through my front door from the Ukip man Mr Ian Simmons. I like what he said so I will vote for him.

  10. I've just read the wotnobnp blog for 3rd February. The English is so bad as to make his remarks almost incomprehensible. If he wishes to keep out all immigrants in order to keep britain 'as it was' then perhaps he should learn to correspond in as good a quality of our language as many of the immigrants. I note he cannot even spell Sandhurst correctly.