Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Dazmando is on holiday for a few days to visit his mum in Spain. I will be back Wednesday next week. I do have some cover for the blog for any major events.

Feel free to discuss any local or national issues in the Comment box and I will reply back to the comments when I return.

Thank you all and I will soon return.


  1. i have a question how comes so many councillors keepdying, are they too old?

  2. A quick survey of the ages of candidates for the Owlmoor byelection on 25th Feb as published in the Standard is:
    Tory (Bowers) 71
    Tory (Wallington) no age given but has 4 grandchildren so I guess 60+
    Green (Forbes) 51
    Labour (Gillbe) 19
    Lib Dem (Thompson) 35
    UKIP (Simmons) 51

    Mmmm. The Tory's are probably past their sell-by-date at 71 and 60+. Definitely the Lab candidate is a mere callow youth. The Lib Dem is probably a know-it-all but still young at only 35. Therefore the best candidates are those in the prime of their life aged 51. So vote UKIP or Green and you will get good service and longevity.
    So the reason we have so many by-elections in Bracknell for the late-Councillor Mr So-and-So is because the Tories put up candidates of an advanced age or they stay in their setas for ever and don't get voted out.
    We need new blood in our local government.