Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I am standing in a by election for Old Bracknell

A by-election in the Old Bracknell ward for the Town Council has been called due to the sad death of Lady Barbara Smith.

The candidates standing are;

Roy John Bailey for the Labour Party
Adrian Michael Haffegee for the Green Party
Frances Moody for the Conservative Party
Darren Antony Bridgman for the Liberal Democrats

This means that I am standing in this ward for the Lib Dems. I will be following in the current tradition of Lib Dem Bloggers standing in local elections like the Norfolk Blogger and Mark Reckons.

Wish me luck as I am really up against it to win this election. the results in 2007 were;

Michael Beadsley Labour 698 20% Elected
Maureen Beadsley Labour 696 20% Elected
Barbara Smith Conservative 635 18% Elected
Enid Rose Leake Conservative 616 17% Not elected
Margaret Loneragan Labour 553 16% Not elected
Lesley Marion Tooze Liberal Democrat 325 9% Not elected

I will be publishing the details I have written for the leaflet which explains why I am standing.

The by-election will take place on the 25th of March. More details to follow.

I'm now of for a run around the ward, its not quite a Rory Stewart epic walk but its a start.

PS my apologies to Adrian M Haffegee whose name I misspelt in my haste to get this blog up and my thanks to Adrian for contacting me.


  1. Best of luck Darren; it'll be tough but give it your best shot! Hmm, there are a couple of friends of mine in Bracknell who may be in your ward...

  2. Good luck for a good clean fight!

  3. I will be voting for you! Love the blog! I think your one of the good ones.

  4. Go Daz. All the best.

  5. Good luck Daz! Looks like you have one vote in the bag at least from Anonymous above!

  6. I think you'll find all voters should be anonymous... ;-p

    Good to see you standing, though I can't with the best will in the world wish you too much luck!

    Really pleased to see a Green candidate standing once more.

  7. Thank you again. yes no BNP or UKIP just you Green guys Steve.

    Realaler What happened to UKIP?

  8. More that one burkesworths got two and there anonymous and because of your blogging duties to Bracknell Im going to add myself. So 4 votes to help turn over the 9%. If the turnout low enough us 4 could win it for you!

  9. Realaler is a political animal but doesn't directly speak for UKIP or anyone other main party on blogs.

  10. UKIP's focus is on supra-national and national issues that affect us all.
    Highlighting issues that aren’t addressed by the well-funded Lib/Lab/Con-census (EU, immigration, high taxes, unsustainable client state, islamification, benefit culture, political correctness, loss of liberty etc etc) means that UKIP have limited resources for deploying to fight seats at the lowest levels of local government.
    This is especially the case when there is a general election due in a few weeks. However you will have noted that UKIP fought Owlsmoor recently but will defer in Old Bracknell this time around.

  11. Thanks for the info UKIP Bracknell and sorry Realaler about that.

  12. It's leafleting that really does you and your shoe leather in. The knocking on doors bit is quite pleasant. It was the knocking on doors and talking to people that got me interested. Then came the hard footslog. Even if you don't win, it is an interesting process to be a part of. I did not win at the first go I had in Priestwood and Garth, but it was good to know that even so a significant number of people voted for me.

  13. Alvin,

    This is my second time in standing and as you can see it would be quite something if I won. I do my fair share of door knocking which I also enjoy. Unfortunately this election is happening too quickly for us and its going to be hard to get the leaflets in all the doors let alone knock.

    Thanks Alvin