Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The occasional idea...A local election day‏

The general election will probably be held during the local elections on May 6th. If it is then many councillors and candidates in local elections will be very pleased as turnout will be up. Others wont because their parties or local MP performance may effect their position even if they have been a good councillor.

I do however see some problems with this as local election votes will be distorted more so than a normal local election by national politics. Meanwhile other councils have local elections over the next few years in May (and during European elections in June 2014).

Local elections often do not receive a great deal of coverage in the media and are overshadowed during a general election.

Perhaps if there was only one date for local elections, held every 4 years then full press coverage could be given to it. Local elections would receive the full election night treatment and coverage giving them more exposure. National papers could also cover local elections. A national date could be used for party campaigns. The date will be known to the public as this will become a common event every 4 years. It would not be as affected by national issues not related to councillors control. There would be less elections which may encourage people to vote. Perhaps local elections would be seen as more important they they are currently seen due to this change.

Todays Link is Governmentitus. Daniel1979 Strap line is 'Sick of the Government? So am I. Let's Bring them down!' So I think we know where he stands on Labour.


  1. A really good idea in my opinion.

  2. You know I think you have something there. A Local Election Day could work. Would you still have by elections?

  3. I have not seen this idea anywhere else. You should find a way to spread the word.

  4. I think the best way forward in terms of elections is to just have set dates, like you say, every four years. This removes all ambiguity, all terms in office are the same in the end. Model this more on the American system who always hold their election beginning of November (Of course not the same month).

    In response to the Anonymous above, By-elections are required in case a councillor dies or they step-down mid-term.

    I think this is a great idea you are suggesting, now to find a way of finding a way to do something about it!

  5. Thank you everyone. I guess the best way to promote this idea now will be after the General Election. Im not sure how I will promote it but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.