Monday, 29 March 2010

new features to Bracknell blog‏

I have decided to add some new feature post to the blog. This is because I have now been blogging since May 09 (so a year once the general election is over) and have read a number of blogs which has inspired a number of ideas. I think it's now time to improve my blog and add these extra features to keep the blog fresh.

New features will be

Tweet highlight

Sometimes I will write a point on tweeter that while short (140 characters) does make a relevant or short point that perhaps Bracknell blog readers would like to comment on. Also not everyone who reads blogs are on twitter and this seems a little unfair to not involve people in these discussions.

Food for thought

I'm always coming across facts which may not seem related but often they are, if you compare them. These won't really be comments or a breakdown of the detail, just food for thought.

The occasional idea

Sometimes I have sudden Ideas on what we could do to improve society or our life's. I will post these as and when these come to mind. Problem is like may of us I don't write my ideas down and I then forget them. So in future I'm writing them down on the blog for open comments and for your ideas to be added to mine.

Today's Link

I don't run a regular feature on links to other sites. I don't see the need for me to do this as plenty of Blogs already do. Instead I will have a link of the day at the bottom of every post. This link will be unrelated to the article but will link to a web site of general interest with a small explanation or an article of interest within the blogs or the press.

All the above features will be posted as and when with the exception of today's link which will feature at the bottom of every post. I will continue to do my Local Blog posts as well as my general blog articles, comment and reports.

Today's Link

Reading List or maintained by Oranjepan. Reading List is a focal point and summary of all the local blogs in Reading and also Berkshire. This blog keeps rankings of the monthly Berkshire blogosphere and givens you the full views from all parties on recent local and national stories. It also has a handy listing of local blogs on the right.

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