Sunday, 21 March 2010

The which celebrity do you really, really hate meme

I have been Tagged by Mark Reckons on his blog postThe which celebrity do you really, really hate meme.

The rules for this meme taken from Marks Reckons blog are;

They must be famous and also that you have never met them. I am going to exclude politicians or people you hate for political reasons too. It has to be just based around their face or demeanour or something else equally shallow and irrational! And you can only pick one so if you have loads it has to be the one you hate the most. However irrational though you must justify your choice and try and persuade the rest of us of the rightness of your cause!

Right its Russell Grant.

I can remember taking a distinct dislike to him when I first saw him on breakfast TV back in the 80's . It was his hair (and still is) the way he spoke, how he holds himself. These are not fair reasons but luckly later in life I developed a dislike of Astrology because its just a load of old rubbish. Russell Grant now appears in paper columns including local ones and has the odd spot on the radio.

Russell also has whole empire including telephone Horoscopes and has a team of Live Psychics and Mediums, only £1.50 a minute! This empire also includes Russell Grant DS game and a Russel Grant Iphone App as well as the ususal books. He can even use your star sign to help you find a job and fix your love life. Great, thanks Russell.

I found this quite hard as there really aren't that many people I hate or dislike. I would of posted this about Cliff Richard but I have meet him. Or rather he slammed a car door into my legs in Weybridge and said nothing to me. Not that I liked him already (its his neck and how happy he is, oh and the music).

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  1. Nice one Daz. I hate Russell Grant and all the other woo-merchants out there too!

    It's a pity you met Cliff Richard though. I would have loved to hear you expand on your hatred of his neck!

  2. I hate Noel Edmonds so very very much.

  3. I also hate Mr Bobby, house party no thanks

  4. Poor old Russell , desperate to be loved. After Strictly bekons obscurity and on into oblivion. Cheerio you silly old astrologer.