Friday, 26 March 2010

Old Bracknell by-election result a Labour win by just 10 votes

We I lost but that was too be expected as this is very much a Labour/Tory seat.

Roy John Bailey of the Labour party won by just 10 votes. congratulations to Roy and commiserations to Frances Moody. Both candidates campaigned hard and would of both of been worthy winners.

The Green party candidate Adrian Michael Haffegee was also very impressive. I wish all council elections was full of this quality of candidate.

The results are;

Labour 380
Tory 370
Lib Dems 107
Greens 49

Turnout was 22.4%

This is just a quite post so I would add that the Lib Dem vote increases from 9% to 12% (rounded). As you can see voting can be close and your vote can make a difference.


  1. where did you find this information? I can't find results anywhere.

  2. I was actually there so I got the information from the count

  3. thanks for your generous comments about our candidate, Adrian.

  4. Derek, no problem he is, good luck to him next time

  5. Darren, thanks for your generous comments. I enjoyed meeting and talking with you and wish you every success for the future. Roy Bailey