Thursday, 11 March 2010

I attended a Social Media Summit #LewisSMS

MarkReckons has done a review of the event which I also attended see here. This was originally going to be attended by Iain Dale but he had to pull out due to the event being moved to a later time. Iain Dale was replaced by Paul Waugh from the Evening Standard who blogged on the event here. Steve Webb Liberal Democrat MP was also originally due to attend and he also had to pull out which meant that there was no Lib Dem representation at this event.

I don't often attend these events as my blog does not only cover national issues but also local issues however I was interested in seeing for myself what an event like this is like. I had already made my own mind up as to the importance or not of political blogging. I still believe that you need a readership which includes the reporting and political classes to have any influence on any stories one might have as well as a good local base who can spread the word.

The best part of this event for me was being able to meet fellow bloggers and professional commentators such as Paul Waugh. I was also able to speak to Labour MP Tom Watson whose Gamers Voice facebook website I had already joined and a subject I blogged about here . It was quite bizarre to have people waiting for me to finish my conversation with an MP on the console games.

As most people at this event are on twitter I was also able to add some new twitter friends. Many of whom I meet in person first before following them on Twitter.

So despite my initial scepticism on going to this event I feel it was well worth it. I look forward to discussing after the general election what effect blogging, Tweeting and social media like Facebook and Myspace had(if any) on the outcome of the next general election.

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