Sunday, 28 March 2010

If Obama was going to make an address to the Iranian people

If Obama was going to make an address to the Iranian people, I think it should go something like this...

'I say this to the Iranian people: do not compare yourselves with others, for if you do, you will think yourselves equal to your neighbours, and this is not so.

Do not look towards India and Pakistan, which already possess nuclear weapons but are not signatories of the NNPT; they are our allies and we do not hold them to the same standards as you.

Do not compare yourselves with Israel, for even though they too have nuclear weapons. An estimated 200 by some counts. Estimated because Israel refuse to even admit they even have any, let alone sign the NNPT. The Israelis are our special friends and can do as they wish.

Lastly, do not compare yourselves to America. America is actively supplying unlimited arms and finances to your sworn enemy Israel. America is a country that has invaded and occupied two of your neighbours. The only country in the history of the world to actually use atomic weapons, and those against civilians, and although we have at least 5000 nuclear weapons, many of them pointed at you, we say to you, 'do as we say, not as we do'.

For we are the United States of America.'

Israel's official policy is that they neither confirm nor deny having nuclear weapons thought everyone knows they do. This means they don't need to sign up to the NNPT(Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons). The US congress office of technology also lists them as having an active chemical and biological research programme.

I guess its not a surprise considering Israel are not exactly friendly with their neighbours. If I were American I would be a little worried that the US pro-Israel lobby AIPAC seems to have more say on their foreign policy than the president does. The Americans reacted angrily to announcements that 1600 new Israeli homes would be built on occupied land during Biden's visit, citing it as insulting. But they are backing down already.

Can't really blame the Palestinians for being annoyed. How would you feel if you were forcibly removed from your street, had your home knocked down and then had your land given to a foreign power, base on a religious right to be there? Pretty upset I would imagine.

Its strange that the US were so quick to jump into Iraq to 'free' the Iraqi people form the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, yet their 'friendship' with Israel doesn't allow for extending that same concern for liberty to the Palestinians. That's why many around the world dislike the US. Their propaganda is embarrassingly see-through.

I recall Israel saying it shouldn't have to sign up (to the NNPT) or confirm they had weapons because it was an invasion of their privacy! They then claimed Iran should be attacked in a pre-emptive strike due to their nuclear capacity (which, according to information Iran has made publicly available, Gives Iran approximately 20% of the ability to build a nuclear weapon!) Iran has even offered to ship/sell their nuclear production abroad in order for other countries to turn it into nuclear power.

You may want to watch this its a western film about what its actually like trying to run the ambulance service in Palestine.

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