Sunday, 7 March 2010

Is UK media as right wing as US media?‏

I was reading an article on the website (a Independent Investigative Journalism site) titled The NYT Veers Neocon

The article opens with the paragraph 'Many American progressives don’t want to recognize how bad the U.S. mainstream news media has become. It’s easier to praise a few exceptions to the rule and to hope that some pendulum will swing than to undertake the challenging task of building a new and honest media infrastructure.'

News media has always been biased. but there is a difference between commentary which can be biased and reporting facts based news. I wonder if there are parallels that can be drawn between the US news and our own printed press. It feels like the UK media is also becoming more right wing too? Im not complaining, just highlighting this development.

I just think there should be more balance in news reporting. Balance should include views from the Left and views from Liberals. It's always best to remember that not everything you read is true. In some ways the real news is often the items you haven't read in the press.

I expect the growth in mainstream right wing press is a backlash in some ways to Obama being elected or here in the UK Labour being in power. However Labour these days is almost as left as the Conservative party, it's probably more a backlash against the centralisation of government by the labour party. All the various controls, quangos and laws the government have put in place along perhaps with the rules the EU have added to the ever going list of UK laws and powers.

To the question 'Is UK media as Right Wing as US media'? I would say no, but only because the US media continues to move more to the right as does the UK media.

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  1. I don't think the UK press is a polarised as American press - for every US right wing news organisation you can find a Democrat leaning one that reports just as poorly.

    There's no balance in the States, the BBC creates a press standard in the UK that keeps our press broadly in line with reality.

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  3. Thanks Marry,

    Anonymous, yesI think the BBC does have an infulence that keeps the news in check, of course not everyone thinks the beeb is fair, but I think its as fair as it can be.

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