Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Blogging effected by World Cup and Wimbledon

Blogging will be light over the next month as my two favorite sporting events are being played in the same week. Yep the World Cup and Wimbledon Tennis Grand Slam. I will still be posting at least twice a week however but not as much as I have been in recent months.

I love to discuss politics but during this period I may find it hard to be as into it when theres a world cup on. Having a world cup to me is a very special this years as it is in South Africa. Africa has alot of passion for football and for me other than England there is infact no greater place then the Rainbow Nation for the world game (Brazil is a close 3rd for me and they get there turn in 2014).

For me the world cup is about the world not just England. It's about celebrating a game which is about the football and is not overshadowed by big money football clubs and unreal wages but people actually playing for their country for the aim of winning the greatest team cup we have on our world.

Good luck to all the teams and good luck to England and enjoy the world cup for it truly is a great event.

Pictures: Top: Serena Williams last years female winner, also an excuss to have my favorite tennis player on the blog. Bottom: Ghana fans at the World Cup because I had a great time watching the Ghana games at the Gold Coast Pub in London with the Ghana fans and my girl friends roots are Ghanaian

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