Friday, 11 June 2010

BP contractors thoughts and questions‏

I have been following the debates on BP and noticed a few of points that have not really been pick up on.


Why are BP using contractors so heavy to a point where almost all the work is done by contractors. It would appear that this does not absolve you of any blame so why not do the work yourself. BP appear to of lost some of their knowledge and have to reply on contractors not only because they don't have all the resources required and can't do all the work themselves but because they no longer have some of the skills or man power to handle some of these operations.

BP need to wise up and skill up because employing contractors offers them no protection. It will be interesting to see if BP can uses its T&C with their contractors to recoup some of the funds they will have to pay for this operation.

Public Relations Department

Why has BP's PR department not pushed the issue that it was American contractors who made the errors and defect some of the attacks from the American government. Why has Obama not point out that one of the companies is Halliburton which was one of the Major republicans Dick Cheney directorships who was former Chairman and CEO.

BP PR department should also point out that 39 percent of its London traded shares are held by individuals or organisations in the US.

Obama being blamed

Obama is being blamed in the states but it should be noted that it was Bush before him did not bring in better controls and checks for sea oil drilling. Obama has not had the time (and can be blamed for not making it a priority) to introduce such controls.

Obama should be using this moment to point out the problems of oil and to promote alternatives. He has a real chance to change the debate about the reliance on Oil. At the moment the USA needs this oil in the Golf of Mexico and the latest restrictions means that the USA must now find alternatives.

Is BP not Anglo American?

How British is BP anyway after all not only are many of its share held by investors from all over the world but its shares are held in more than one country (jointly listed on the New York Stock Exchange). Much like Shell has a major party of its shares on the Dutch Stock exchange and is called and Anglo Dutch company. Why is BP not called an Anglo American company? Is it just because its name is British Petroleum?

I don't have any answers but like the rest of us I do have a lot of questions. BP what have you done?

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  1. Using contractors is the way things are done now in the UK. 20 years ago it was different, but now in industry they subcontract out much of the work. Its not just about blaming others if something goes wrong though.

    I think its about saving money, so they dont have to pay benefits or keep people on where theyre isn't the work.

    Hospitals, schools and prisons contract out various sevices. In construction most work is done by sub contractors.

  2. Adrain its about saving money and responsiblity.