Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Israel and North Korea tamptums

It strikes me that most of the time you can compare countries reactions to reactions of people affected by their past.


Israel are effected by the legacy of the Nazi's and their systematic attempt to exterminate the Jews. This leaves an effect in the countries psyche and leads to its own bullying as a form of defence. Much like a bullied child who in turn later in life bullies because this is what they have been taught and this is the only way they know of holding others back and therefore defending themselves by doing this

North Korea

Acts like a spoiled child who throws their toys out of the pram and has a temper tamptums at the least little thing. North Korea doesn't want to be ignored this is one reason why China often supports them because they are afraid of one of these tamptums going too far and leading to war on their doorstep. If China supports North Korea they are less likely to go to war as they feel as if they are being listened too and China won't be shouting at them making the tamptum worse but will instead listen.

North Korea would probably lose any war with South Korea and then China would have a western, USA loving, democratic United Korean neighbour right on their doorstep. This is why China will not condemn North Korea.


There is always a danger of greater isolation for both countries, this would not be wise as they could lead to an increase in a them and us feeling leader to worse and stonger reactive and defensive behavior.

I think we all prefer better behaved children.

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