Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lynne Featherstone and Page 3, just ask

Apparently according to the Daily Mail, Lynne Featherstone Equalities minister has received a warning from senior civil servants after posting controversial rants on her blog.

I tweeted this to @El_Cuervo 'Oh no @lfeatherstone has a mind of her own, quickly lets write about it tell people how wrong that is'

Do we really want our MP's to simply say nothing accept when asked by the media. The same media that is running a campaign against her because they believe she is going to get rid of page 3. One of those stories built on quotes, but not researched.

The Sun have been running a number of stories on Lynne Featherstone because at a public meeting she was asked about page 3 and Lynne responded "love to take on Page 3". Reporters should really should do more research, if they had only asked Lynne about this comment directly they would of found out that Lynne didn't mean she would ban Page 3. Perhaps they prefer to not find out the truth because they wouldn't have a story.

I asked Lynne Featherstone MP myself about this at the recent special conference. Lynne said to me that she would not ban page 3 because she is a Liberal and does not believe in banning things. Lynne also said that she wants the Sun to consider the use of page 3 because there is a concern about young children seeing it. I asked why she had not said this on her blog and Lynne replied that quite frankly has got other things to worry about but would at some point Blog a response to The Sun.

Of course the Sun have been doing a fair bit of there own air brushing when reporting on this story see this Page 3 Story

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Picture above is me and Lynne Featherston MP at the Special Conference

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