Friday, 25 June 2010

Ideologically It''s not just the Tories who are a 'bad fit'‏

In this article for the BBC 'Coalition a poor ideological fit, says Lib Dem MP'. Tim Farron MP, who recently ran for Lib Dem deputy leader said that the coalition is "ideologically a poor fit". Well it is not a perfect fit, natually but I nor is the Labour party.

However I would like to correct Tim Farron on an issue. Lib dems did campaign or at least Vince Cable did on freezing public sector pay see here. Personally I don't agree with big government. Big government equals waste and inefficiency, high taxes and lots of Red tape and is the way to run a country. It ca also lead to the government having too much power as it becomes involved in more of our lives. There is a happy medium between big and small government where good services are provided efficiently which the right amount of necessary admin.

But I did like Mr Farron and Mr Hughes idea that the Lib dems should have "shadow" ministers for Whitehall departments where only the Conservatives are represented in cabinet. Now that I think would provide suitable party lines arguments and scrutiny.

Todays link is to Stephen's Liberal Journal 'Simon Fires First Warning Shot 'Cross Coalition Bows'

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  1. To be honest since today press releases have been much more positive, even from the Telegraph "Liberal Democrat MPs rally round Nick Clegg, blunting Labour' attack on the party for endorsing Tory budget" "Cameron and Clegg move to cement coalition"