Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tax relief for video games industry scrapped

Being a big supporter of the British games industry I was disappointed to see the planned tax relief for the video games industry being scrapped.

I think this will cost jobs in what is a successful but decreasing industry in the UK due to the increased global competition and support by governments in other countries such as Canada.
Full detail can be read at Gamespot UK here


  1. Sad news for my home town of Dundee where some of the brightest young designers work.

    I guess they didn't have computer games at Eton.

  2. We probably cannot go down the line of the scale of, for example, Canada's support that pays a third of the salary costs of development staff and offers tax holidays for foreign investors, when we are asking others to tighten their belts.
    Scotland has 10% of the UK games industry, and maybe it should have its own parliament look into this?
    The previous government encouraged not only outsourcing of UK IT projects to other countries, but also provided software personnel with fast track visas.
    Maybe we will get a level playing field soon over all computer activities?

  3. Yep Alvin Blogged on this very point

    Of course industries in other countries should not be protected. We should do what we can to get this protection lifted

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