Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Local Blog: Bracknell's Bogus MC's World Cup Anthem

I heard this on BBC 5 Live competition yesterday to choose a peoples world cup song. Here is Bracknells very own song from Trevor Watts and Leon Wright from Bracknell and Sam Kompfner from Reading who are the Bogus MC's.

I think its a great world cup song and a clever version of reggae song Rudy.

'A Message to You Rooney' is on general release Friday the 11th of June. Enjoy

UPDATE:Bogus MC website


  1. "A Message to You, Rooney" by the Bogus MC's is released Friday the 11th of June 2010.

    Fans can txt TRACK ROONEY to 80818 to receive the track on their PC.
    Or alternatively,
    Fans can txt TRACK ROONEY m to 80818 to receive the track directly to their phone

    Lets get this to the number 1 spot for England!

  2. Check our site for interviews, videos and more at

  3. Nogus MC's Im impressed you found this blog, you must be scanning google.

    I have updated this post with a link to your site. Good luck

  4. i love it, lets get it to number one!

  5. Well I brought a copy, that should help

  6. Cheers for you support guys, now if you can tell your friends and start sharing our links and joining our groups on facebook etc that might help us knock "Shout" out of the charts