Thursday, 17 June 2010

Promoting extremist groups

If the papers keep giving publicity to these extremist outspoken Muslim groups like Muslims Against Crusades or MAC then they are going to keep promoting themselves at various events and parades.

Although this appears to be a splinter group of the now banned Islam4UK who have changed their name a number of times due to banning orders. Banning doesn't really work and gives the impression that their are more of these morphing groups. The Daily Mail or other Newspapers don't appear to be reporting this how these groups are linked or in many cases the same people.

I believe these stories should be reported and will be but they also receive way too much press. I do wonder if its in the Daily Mail's interest to keep this group in the news so that they can have there odd Muslims do this headline on their pages.

The Daily Mail article is linked here

I have blogged about banning beforeIs Banning Islam4UK Right?

Todays link is a related article to Our Kingdom - Ignore Islam4UK, don’t ban them

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