Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Murdoch Sky petition

38 Degrees are holding a petition to question the 100% stake in Sky that Rupert Murdoch is currently aspiring to.

As stated on the 38 Degrees site;

'Rupert Murdoch has his sights set on gaining complete control of BSkyB and increasing his stranglehold on a free and independent media in the UK. He currently owns 40% of the company but wants to increase his stake to 100%.

This would be a disaster. It would give Murdoch even more political influence and it could open the door to biased, right-wing news like Fox News in the US.

A free and diverse media is a huge part of what makes democracy work. We can't rely on big business to make the right decisions about Murdoch's plan to buy BSkyB. It needs full and proper scrutiny by government.

Vince Cable, the Lib Dem Business Secretary, has the power tell regulators to investigate the purchase before it goes ahead.

If thousands of us e-mail Vince Cable, we can persuade him to make the right decision and oppose Murdoch's master plan.'

Please do sign this petition if you agree. I would like to maintain the currently fair television news we still have in the UK. I personally do not want to see our TV news become as biased or aligned as some of our
printed press.

The petition link


  1. Would that be the same Rupert Murdoch who backed his lackeys New Labour for so many years?

  2. yes thats the one. does matter if he backs the Tories or Labour its he still will have too much power.

  3. if you hate labour lackeys that much why open your mouth to protect their american backer

  4. Advertisers were successful in getting rid of News of the World. In my view it wasn't about anything other than NoW wasn't viable once the advertisers withdrew support.

    Now we should be pressuring advertisers to block all support for News International businesses, including Sky, until Murdoch pulls his empire out of the UK completely.