Sunday, 14 March 2010

Gaming MPs are Human

I was speaking to someone about my conversation with Labour MP Tom Watson about computer games that we play, this was during a recent social media summit see posting below.

They commented that Tom Watson MP was an 'Absolutely worthless waster' (i.e. for playing computer games).

Is this not the kind of reaction that stops MP's being 'normal' and down to earth?

It seams to me that many people expect their MP's to be both human and Unhuman.

People want MP's to understand what it is like to be 'normal' and yet when an MP casually talks about playing computer games to relax after work (something many people do) that makes him a worthless waster?

Surely its because Tom Watson plays computer games that he was able to understand and defend the computer game industry against the attack by Keith Vaz MP. If it wasn't for Tom Watson then perhaps Keith Vaz could of taken the next step introduced a private members bill to ban or censor games (as is the case in Australia) . If Tom Watson was not allowed to be 'normal' then he would not understand computer game culture. Tom is helping to safe guard a very important industry for Britain (Early Day Motion for games tax relief).

Should Tom Watson try and keep his gaming a secret, should MP's keep it a secret when they see films or read books or watch football teams. If you want MP's to be human so they can pass laws that relate to our lives then we have to let them act human and 'normal'.

Robots are no ones friend but thats what we will get if MP's can't do and act the same as the rest of the populaton when they are not working.

see my blog Leave us to Play our Games (MP's debate Modern Warfare Game)‏

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  1. Why did you not mention which games you and Tom Play?

  2. Sorry, Tom Watson was playing Modern Warfair 2 and Bayonetta.

    Im playing Bad Company two and Mass Effect 2 and MAG on the PS3

  3. Great post and I personally wish more MP's would openly game or follow their respective hobbies. Gaming is just like any other hobby; why are others acceptable and gaming isn't?

  4. Interesting to see that Blogger no longer shows my name when commenting with openid. That's rather flawed..

  5. Carocat - agreed btw blogger is far from perfect

  6. Did he buy the darn games himself - that is what I want to know?

    Or did he put them on expenses?