Monday, 1 March 2010

Local Blog: Bracknell College Open Day

Being a blog that gets involved in campaigns it can all seem a bit negative sometimes. I wish there was more I could be positive about like my blogs on the Parks in Bracknell and Point Royal.

But one very positive part of Bracknell is the new £37million pound college paid for by the Learning and Skills Council. I recently attending an open day event there where I was able to walk around the facilities and talk to staff and the Howard O'Keeffe the Principal and Chief Executive of the College.

I studied a National Diploma in Computer Science after retaking my GCSE's (I was a bad boy at school plus im dyslexic which held me back) they were good enough to let me carry on my education at the college. What I remember was not only the helpful teachers but also very poor and tired building, even then. It was cold and draughty and some of the facilities were not the best. The old building environment did not help you get on with your studies.

The £37million rebuild of Bracknell and Wokingham College has escaped Government cuts and as now been completed. It was an impressive build, Being built at the same site as the old college while keeping the old college open. Similar projects around the country have been put on hold after cash was withheld due to the recession.

The building has first class facilities which I saw for myself. This allows it to offer a massive range of courses both full and part time and includes apprenticeships using fully equipped training walls for electrician and plumper, Hair salons, engineering and car maintenance and of course computer rooms and science facilities. The other impressive part is the multipurpose hall for sport and full stage facilities.

The college is also very Green as it does not require any air conditioning but is heated and cooled by water pumped up from underground. It also uses Automatic lighting that switches on if someone's in the room, only if there isn't enough natural light. Recycling using separation bins. The old building will be crushed and reused as building material for the new car park and its landscaping.

When I spoke to the College principal Howard O’Keeffe he told me that the building will help bring results for the college which has a great record of passes in all course areas. He also said that he is hoping to get a grading of outstanding instead of good in the next ofsted inspection.

I really like this building and this college is very good for Bracknell as it gives a reason for people to visit and offers us all many more services to improve ourselves and keep Bracknell on the map.

The Bracknell and Wokingham Colege website is


  1. The new regenerated College sounds great. Garth Hill school is being regenerated also. And the town center isn't.

  2. Realaler yep put for a change I thought I wont have a dig. I mean I could of mentioned Phillip Lees Idea about having a museum, a nice idea but its is unlikely to get in the shoppers

  3. If we can do without a decent town centre now we can do without it forever. The area should be replaced by something for the community that is not retail. An open space, public art and yes a museum is a good idea. This would be a real Bracknell center of the community and would in some way balance out the over development we currently suffer over the rest of the town.

  4. They Realaler, are you ok?
    you sound inspired, wheres the attacks? I quite like the plan of yours there. there should be a part of the space that is dedicated too this, a very good idea

  5. Just like the big parks they have in London. Add duck ponds (no duck houses though!), play parks, open air theatre and a huge white hind statue, Angel of the North style, as a symbol of being in the centre the Old Windsor Forest. Oh, and a nice pub with lots of outside benches is a must. Daz, please see to it when you get on the BTC.

  6. LOL sounds like a fun place 80)

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