Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A bar chart for my Labour followers

Just ordered these blue sandals too.

I thought I would get this in before a Labour blogger gets it in. Heres a bar chart for the election in 5 years time (I jest).

Of course this can be used anywhere in England other than Brighton. Doesn't really matter if the bar chart proportion are correct to percentages, it works anywhere.

It does show a real danger for the Liberal Democrats although I trust not all Lib Dems are Labour voters.

Of course this is a serious matter but I just wanted to have some fun for a change.


  1. A bar chart eh? My favourite is at the Vicky Arms, then the Jacko, then the Beehive, then the Stag, then the Crispin, then the Broad Street Tav; need I go on?

  2. in five years there will be no yellow
    just blue and red

  3. well we wont get many tactical voters but there are still lib dems. noone has left the bracknell party and one joined yesterday. given time it may be ok if people understand what a coalition is