Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pick and Mix which 3 policies from other parties would you choose

Sean Haffey a conservative Councillor on Hart District council who blogs at http://sean-haffey.blogspot.com has written a blog which he calls Three of the Best. Sean has set a challenge based on a Tory/LibDem parliament asking for his readers to choose one policy from the Tories, Libdems and a third from another party. Well I'm going to change the rules. Which policy would you pick from two main parties you don't support and one policy from a smaller party?

Here are mine;

One from Labour; Well I would of taken the minimum wage but we now have this so im going to go for giving a guarantee of one to one and small group tuition for every child falling behind on their 3R's. Yes I know that schools should not let children fall behind but I do like the sound of this guarantee.

Tory Policy; I'm going to go for equalling the number of population to MP's. This may not be one of the most important things but I do believe all constituencies should be the same size in population and not in area. I realise this means some massive areas in Scotland but I think in this age of technology it now makes sense to have a fair number of constituents per MP's.

One from the Greens; Sorry my UKIP readers but im going to have to go Green on this one. The Greens have some great policies on housing but many are similar to the Lib Dems so im going to go for The Green Party's plan to fund 2000 Young People's Centres for dedicated spaces for young people to meet. I think we are always treating young people as if we don't want them and I think they respond back to this treatment in a negative way, this plan would help.

Of course there are policies in all parties that are the same as the Liberal Democrats such as banning ID cards for Tories or 10,000 allowances for UKIP but that would be cheating if I listed these. They should be policies that your chosen party does not currently have as a policy.

Bloggers please feel free to blog yours via an meme or readers please leave your examples in the comments below. Because if there is a hung parliament then we are going to have to agree a little more often.

It's easy to be critical, so have a go at agreeing.

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