Saturday, 1 May 2010

UKIP gatecrash main party church hustings in Bracknell

UKIP according to the Bracknell News gate crashed the hustings at the Easthampstead Baptist Church on Tuesday, April 27. The Bracknell Standard has 'UKIP picket over hustings ban'. The 2nd headline was what actually happened. You have to give it to the local UKIP activists they really know how to get a story in the papers.

During the week before I also spoke to UKIP PPC Murray Barter who was handing out leaflets at Bracknell train station, he is enjoying the campaign and why shouldn't he it looks like alot of fun. UKIP have some very clever ways of getting their voice heard when only using a small team. Just have a look at the equipment UKIP are getting out of there car. A very impressive collection of pound signs.

I popped into the hustings for a short time and a number of UKIP supporters were in attendance along with the BNP candidate Mark Burke who was also in the audience. I was surprised to find out that Mark was once a Conservative member as I personally imagine BNP being a right wing socialist party which is some distance away from the Tories.

The event was well run, well attended and candidates all preformed well I thought.

So hats of to UKIP and take note, just because a party is not at an event does not stop them from becoming the story and stealing the limelight.

Below is a picture of a UKIP activist Jeff Newbold at Bracknell  railway station.


  1. When the BNP started they infamous cut-and-pasted their constitution and manifesto from the Tories.

    Their current, alleged "we will implement left-wing ideas if you are white and survive the right-wing ethnic and political cleansing" is new.

  2. Respect Daz for the write-up. I like the 'halo' effect you have given me! Good to have you out and about reporting on the Bracknell political scene. Best regards, see you at the count.

  3. The interesting things about these sorts of hustings is that I suspect they don't really win any of the parties involved that many votes (if any).

    Most of the people that attend these meetings are either already quite political (and have made their mind up) or political geeks (who I suspect have already made their minds up). I'm sure the number of floating voters in the audience will be a minority.

    Therefore, I think it's likely that the only winners from the evening are UKIP who have got some decent publicity in the Bracknell rags in the weekend before the election.

    (As for the halo, is it the one that slipped from Vince Cable's head recently? ;-))

  4. Jeff, no worries well done mate it was a good move.

    Greengabbles I think your right this event wont effect the vote at all.