Saturday, 29 May 2010

How should Labour play Laws?

So should Labour try to split the coalition. They have an opportunity to use David Laws for political gain or stay quiet on this issue bearing in mind their own gremlins. If Laws is replaced by say John Redwood this could actually cause a rift in the coalition so could a more left Liberal Democrat.

There are not many experts remaining within the Tories or the Lib Dems to fill Laws shoes and we have already seen that George Osborne does need support. Maybe Vince Cable however I don't believe Vince and George could work that closely together.

At the moment the polls still put the Tories in the lead on 39 points and a general election would still result with a Conservative win but still short of seats. Liberal Democrats would lose some seats and Labour would gain some but the end result would still be the same.

Worse for Labour would be an outright Tory win. The Tories only need a few more percentage points to win. It would be very damaging for Labour to lose again so soon after the last loss.

The real danger for Labour would be a win with again a hung parliament then having to form a coalition again with the Liberal Democrats. Labour would have to make the cuts on public services themselves. This would leave Labour with no stick to attack the Liberal Democrats with or indeed the Tories with and in the next general election would result in a hevy lose for Labour.

Labour of course do not have a leader yet and this contest needs to be played out first. So I'm not sure Labour will want to attack Laws too harshly because It's not in their interests to damage the coalition and end up fighting another election now.

Labour need time just like the other parties also need time as no party accept perhaps the Conservative party could fight an election at the moment.

Only only have to look at the recent result in Thirsk and Malton to understand the dangers of trying to destroy the coalition at this stage. As you can read in the Spectator 'Encouraging early signs for the coalition' The Conservative and Liberal Democrat vote went up while Labours was down.

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  1. They could just assume that theres no danger of the coalition falling. They can just sit back & say "hypocrites" over & over. Easy, cheap & true.