Saturday, 29 May 2010

local Blog: Council split on Travellers site

I fail to understand how Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee could be split over such a small site for gypsies and travelling show people. The site located at at land off Wokingham Road, near the Wellingtonia Roundabout, Sandhurst. This site only has two bays, surely two bays can not cause that much traffic. Should we expect caravans to be driving out of this site every day?

Could the reason why some people don't want Travellers at this site is because they simply don't want any travellers anywhere near them?

The government plan to require sites for caravans is in an effort to halt unauthorised sites. This plan at least is an attempt to tackle sites being setup anywhere illegally at any time.

It's time to stop this not on my doorstep attitude we have to anyone in this country who simply don't live the same lives or have a different culture.

More about this story can be read at Gypsy site given go ahead

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