Monday, 31 May 2010

Queens Speech Education Bill‏ concerns

I blogged on one of the good points of the queens speech 'Queens Speech Equitable Life Bill‏'. Now for one of the more worrying points within the educations bill specifically free schools.

My concerned is the plan to allow parents to setup their own local school or Free state school. The new "free" state school will be ran by parents, teachers or charities. Funded by taxpayers but, independent of the state.

Firstly does this mean less funding for other established schools?

What controls will there be to make sure parents don't setup schools for all the wrong reasons?

For example on BBC Five Live during the election I heard a lady ring into a phone in and say that now she can setup a school for our people. When asked who are people are she replied 'White people'.

I'm not so concerned that only Middle class or chattering classes would setup these schools I'm sure many people of all backgrounds will want to setup these schools if they are not satisfied with the choice given in their area. Many for good reason.

What I am concerned about is what checks and balances are being used to monitor and ensure these schools are not setup for the wrong reasons. I'm also not a fan of faith schools, I can imagine many more of these schools being setup thereby imposing faith on children or excluding others.

What will happen to these schools when the children grow up and the parents can't find other parents to take over. Do we close these schools or hand them over to the council?

Will the parents have too much power over the teachers?

I guess have have alot of questions so I will have to wait on the full details of the bill, Lets hope there are plenty of safeguards and reassurances within the bill.

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