Friday, 7 May 2010

Liberal Democrats must be realistic and we promised

This weekend will be the hardest weekend every know to Liberal Democrats. Charlotte Gore has blogged about Nick Cleggs impossible position. It is that because Nick Clegg promised the British people that the Liberal Democrats would work with whichever party one the most votes. Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives need to now work together for the good of the country. Of course this means Labour and obose all the various cuts that will be required and in opposition will look like the good guys.

I do not think this would split the Liberal Democrat party, some may leave but I think most members will understand. It the Liberal Democrats are to ever become the 2nd rather than 3rd party then we must prove ourselves in government.

Liberal England believe that the the Liberal Democrats should accept David Cameron's offer in some form. I agree, this is what the electorate has given us and we have to start somewhere. Labour simply do not have enough votes.

I believe that a Conservative and Liberal Democrat government would be better than a Conservative government (I accept that Labour and Conservative supporters would not all agree.). But we have to be realistic, this is that hand we have all been delt so lets get on with it for the sake of Britain.

Caron's Musings has details a genuine consultation exercise on how to get your views know to the Liberal Democrat Federal Executiveon the above subject.

In the words od Gordon Brown, Nick its time you got real. for once I agree with Brown.


  1. Now seriously thinking of emigrating8 May 2010 at 09:38

    Indeed, the Cleggies have a difficult decision to make. Please please please save the country by not supporting Brown and the International Socialists.
    The votes for the Tories was a vote against the Clunking Destroyer; so by supporting Bruin the Dim Libs would ignore the wishes of the voters. Think on what would happen then to the LD vote at the next election.

  2. Just a thought (respect to others in the bloggsphere who mentioned it first) -
    Will a referendum on a PR electoral system be decided by PR, FPTP or APV?

  3. I cant see Clegg surpporting Brown although it is possible he may still surpport Labour.

    I expect every vote to count in a PR referendum

  4. Gleggie is being sent to South Africa as the England goalie because he can leap move to his left and right at the same time.