Saturday, 29 May 2010

Breaking the Laws

David Laws recent expenses scandal has been well covered all other the blogger-o-sphere. So I'm not going to wade into this subject but link to it.

Defending Laws

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Not defending Laws

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And somewhere in the middle

And John Ward in Medway is already giving Laws Job to John Redwood see Broken Laws

My opinion

I think this does not only look bad but his claims were wrong. David does not need the money and should of made renting arrangements with someone other than a partner even if it would of cost more. I also think that because David Laws was trying to keep the fact that he is gay a secret it has led him down this avenue. Gay men can have very loose relationships as it is more accepted within the gay community to have an arrangement with a partner. In this case David Laws has said that they lead seperate lives. This is hard to explain so he has stated that he is a partner.

Again I do think this expense claim is wrong but it does appear that Laws believed that in 2010 you still can not be gay and hold high office.

This is a massive shame as the country needs David Laws financial skiils but personally I would be surprised to see him in office on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Epolitix has a very interesting and insightful post from the ex editor of Pink news Tony Grew In defence of David Laws


  1. He didn't want his very conservative family to find out. It's not good, but it's understandable.

  2. If I was judging this I guess I think he should stand down. Hate to say it, this could spell boom for the coalition if a Tory gets the job.