Wednesday, 12 May 2010

So how is it for you Tory and Liberal Democrat government

I know many Liberal Democrats won't be happy but Lib Dems always said they would work with whoever gained the most votes. Labour did not want to compromise and many Labour MP's spoke openly against a coalition with the Lib Dems. Many in Labour knew that it couldn't work when they had so few seats it couldn't work. Labour was ready for opposition.

Personally I'm pleased and optimistic.

I don't see that there was any other way of getting some Lib Dem policies into government under the current voting system.

Could the Lib Dems really say no to such a deal. Tories have given a lot of ground as have the Lib Dems. It's dangerous and some people who voted for us won't be happy, but over time we need to prove that it can work. I think when the £10,000 allowance comes in (yes it's phased a compromise I know) this will be a clear Lib Dem policy that people will know the Tories have taken on board from the Lib Dems. If people like this government then Lib Dems will be ok.

This risk is required for all parties.

1. Labour need a spell in opposition to help them rebuild their party. find their feet on what kind of party they want to now be and select a new leader and come up with new ideas. they can also call the other two parties the opposition.

2.Tories could not be running a government without us or at least one that was a highly disadvantaged minority government. Work with the Liberal Democrats will hold back some of their right wing tendencies and this will keep them in government.

3.Liberal Democrats need to prove that they can not only be a pressure group and a critic but can also help run a government. We need to prove to the Tories that PR doesn't; just work against them. We also need to get in voting reform even if it's really a first step.

People do want politicians to work together and they wanted real change let see if they accept it. The coalition will produce better and more though out policy because the parties will have to discuss it and compromise on the more radical right wing ideas or the more radical liberal ideas, thereby producing better policy.

Better Tories with the Liberal Democrats then on their own. Especially when a minority would not of help Britain out of this financial crisis. Lets also not forget how illiberal the Labour party was and I for one want to see more Liberal values.

This move has taken some nerve on behalf of the both party leaders, but you only make change by taking risks. Something Brown didn't do when he bottled calling an election.

Todays link is to Charlotte Gores Blog who blogs about how Labour are blaming the Liberal Democrats on Traitors! Turncoats! Liars!


  1. I'm also optimistic. This election really was historic! I find that my cynicism has melted, maybe it’s wishful thinking and naivety but I genuinely feel excited. We have a whole new generation in charge after all those years with the Boomers running things. As the Independent predicted last week ( “the torch has been passed” from the Boomers to Generation Jones. Cameron, Clegg, and a big chunk of the new Cabinet and Parliament are all GenJonesers, I don’t think there could have been an alliance if Boomers were still running the parties and it will be interesting to see how this generational change affects things.

  2. There's real risks but with that brings real opportunities. I'm optimistic, let's see how we get on when the dust settles.

  3. I come from a very safe tory seat. I have grown up around Tories, but am a LD to my core. I can tell you that in my area there seems to be a lot of hope towards this government. People seem to be still very sceptical, but not unwilling to give it a chance.

    Personally, I see this as a truly historic moment for our party and our country. we promised new politics. if this isnt an immediate satisfaction of that promise, then i dont know what is.

    After all the scandals of the last decade, it is such a breath of fresh air to see two parties working together for common good. We all know more taxes and PS cuts are coming, but that there are 2 parties working together to make that fair, has to be better than another majority govermnet with total rule.

    well done Nick, and oh god i cant believe im saying it, well done Dave.

    will this see a solidification of the centre-right of british politics? is this the start of a new liberal conservative movement in this country? lets just wait and see..

  4. I feel I have wasted 20 years in politics.

    We will NOT get AV because the Murdoch press will kill it.

    AV is NOT PR anyway.

    I can't say more without insulting people I consider(ed) to be friends.

  5. Sorry Nich. you may be right about AV. god I hate the right wing press. I know AV is not PR thats why other parties always offer it.

    Im am still pleased that other lib dem policys are in the mix. I am going to give them a chance I just feel thats the right thing to do.

  6. No time to blog. Too busy tearing-up and recycling into b*og paper the Tory and LD manifesti wot we only voted for last week. Democracy does not rule after 13 years of Labour misrule.

  7. ItstruecozitsintheDailyMailExpressGraphSky12 May 2010 at 19:36

    What is right wing press?

  8. theres nothing wrong with compromise it produces better policy

  9. Yes, there are dangers - particularly for the LibDems. BUT - If the Tories had gone it alone with a minority government, LibDems policies would have been binned - AGAIN. This time some aspects of LibDem policies will come into effect. Maybe not all fully but at least we have kept our promises. You voted for a really substantial increase in the income tax threshold. We won't get the full £10,000 in April but will get a massive hike, taking many lower paid people out of income tax altogether. You can be sure LD MPs will be pushing for the rest of the raised limit as soon as financially possible. A wholly or mainly elected House of Lords by PR. A statutory register of lobbyists - hard luck Mr MacKay! A radical devolution of power back to local government and community groups. Restoration of the earnings link for the basic state pension from April 2011. These and many more. Having a stable government will help steady our place in the international field. People voted 'for change' both Tories and LibDems promised 'change'. We've got change. I am optimistic.