Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ken Clarke: A breath of fresh air

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is like a breath of fresh air with is plan to radically reforms prison to "shut the revolving door of crime and reoffending". Prison does not work as far as rehabilitation is concerned. If you make a prison harder all that happens is that you get harder criminals at the end of the process. Sure some will change but the evidence is that the vast majority of prisoners re-offend and are in effect 'Colleges of crime'.

I started to write this post then found this post by Iain Dale Ken Clarke Is Right: Prison Doesn't Always Work. It's almost word for word what I was going to write therefore I would encourage you to read it.

I would also add that many people in prison have learning difficulties and are not well educated. This would be a good place to start because some criminals are not part of our society and only see one way out. Crime.


  1. a good place to start would be clamping down on widespread drug availability in prison fed by large proportions of corrupt prison staff

  2. This problem happens all over the world and I just dont understand how they manage to smuggle these drugs in

  3. I thoroughly agree and not only that he balances out the youth in the party, bringing hugely useful experience to what's already become a very effective administration.