Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lib Dem Squeeze in PMQ's?

I just read Mark Reckons blog on Cameron's first PMQs as PM - Review.

I left this comment on Marks Blog 'I hope any debuty Lib Dem Leader will be allowed to ask those two questions or that some deal can be done so Lib Dems ask more than one question.'

One thing that I am concerned about is the Liberal Democrats being squeezed during the Prime Ministers questions. This makes the Liberal Democrats less visible. Lib Dems now have less MP's who can ask questions of the government (20 of their MPs now serving as ministers in the coalition).

I understand that Nick Clegg will get his own questions session but I can imagine this being badly attended and under reported.

Maybe this is why Cable resigned from the debuty job as there could be an agreement that a debuty Lib Dem can ask the Prime Minister questions as a acting leader of the third party during PMQ's.

 Todays link is to Andrew Best own review on PMQ's....Our Happy Coalition


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  2. Hey Darren thanks for the link. As for the Lib Dem questions, I think it is both bad in that a larger party does not get the representation in this admittedly highly publicised session. But after all, they have got a position in Government and as you are getting at, it is very hard for them to be represented. I think that MP's who are not ministers should be considered in the same respect as every other backbench MP in asking questions, and I think it is clear this will still carry on, the problem will arise in the allotted questions that are handed out as part of the proceedings.

  3. No! We're not here to sustain a two-party system or 'the government' and 'the opposition'.

    We have to force a new convention. Silence does not equal unity - thus to show unity, our leader needs a formal opportunity to speak.

  4. I understand your concerns with Nick Clegg not asking question, but it is a bit difficult when he is intrinsically part of the cabinet, and rather centre to everything they do therefore asking questions to the PM is irrelevant. PMQs primarily gives a voice to non cabinet and ministerial members to question the Government.

  5. Nobody elected the Lib Dems to government but they don't mind being a part of it. Why should they get extra questions or short money? They cannot have the best of all worlds.

    It is only the start of the Lib Dem squeeze as voters find out that a Lib Dem vote is the same as voting Tory. They will become irrelevant as progressive left of centre supporters turn to Labour and right of centre supporters go Tory.

  6. The question of MP's asking questions is a little pointless as Cameron has shown he is the number one man at question dodging. Example. Question - Will a family on a joint income of £30,000 lose tax credits. Answer - Which party left us in this mess. I think the Lib Dems are going to seriously regret joining this phoney government. I voted Lib Dem for the first time after voting Labour for 45 years. NEVER AGAIN.