Sunday, 27 June 2010

Low polling for Liberal Democrats

Sundays polls did not look good for the Liberal Democrats with polling results of around 16 to 17%. Not a surprise to me. I personally consider the Liberal Democrat core vote to be just below this level. This current polling puts the Lib Dems at about the same places as they where in before this years general election.

Labour are trying their best to get the Liberal Democrats to split from the coalition by attacking them and exploiting any cracks.

It feels like people don't want the 3rd party to ever have any power. The 3rd party are some how wrong to want to be in government and even worse their helping the Tories (you know the party most people voted for). How dare the Lib Dems not join with Labour.

Heard many people claim this is the end of the Lib Dems. Well no. we are just back to where we started. If however the Lib Dems did split at this moment and forced a general election then it could well be the end. This is because policies we stood for have not yet come to pass. It is because it could be claimed that Lib Dems can't handle power, can't handle real government and cut handle cuts. Lib Dems would become even less popular and attacks while so weak could reck the party.

The Liberal Democrats really have to make the coalition work. I believe this country needs a strong three party system not a two party system with less views. I personally would not want to be part of another party.

So I think that the Liberal Democrats are actually more likely to stay together because MP's would be scared of losing their seats.

Sorry to all those coalition haters but I'm sure the more pressure you put on the Liberal Democrats the more they will be in it too the bitter end.

Todays link is too Pajamas Media which has an interesting article on American Restoration: What It Will Take.


  1. The Liberals (or any third party for that matter) are morally obliged to form a govt with the party with the largest number (but minority) of seats. If that is is the Tories then it is the Tories if it happened to be Labour then likewise it should be Labour. It is grossly anti-democratic for the Labour party to be pretending that the liberals have any other legitimate choice.