Monday, 21 June 2010

OH NO! Chris Huhne has a Bisexual Lover and she wears Doc Martens!

How is this news, the Daily Mail has the headline Chris Huhne's bisexual lover: Life and very different loves of the PR girl in Doc Martens

What! Ok so a politician has had an affair. Big deal. I couldn't care if a politician or a celebrity has had an affair. It's not really my business but only the busniess of those involved. But what are the Daily Mail doing. This article is full of examples of gay marriages and a anti gay or bisexual slant.

Why do they bother to highlight that Carina Trimingham has 'boyish cropped, spiky haircut and love of Dr Marten boots and jeans' What they hell is their problem!

Oh no look she is a 'female friend at the civil partnership ceremony of Brian Paddick'.

Give me a break this is not reporting on an affair but has an anti gay slant to make the Liberal Democrats appear to be some sort of sex mad and oh no bisexual crazed party. Well I have news for you, The Lib dems like all other political partys have people who are Bisexual and Gay and believe it or not straight. So what!

Personally I'm fed up with Daily Mail agendas


  1. Typical Mail, did you read the Angry Mob blog about a rape victim, now activist? Her story (or the Mail version of her story) was in the paper. On the blog it said how the Mail photographer made her wear a skirt and high heels, even though she doesn't normally dress this way. They obviously have their own narrative that stipulates how us women should be. As does much of the right wing media, using someones sexuality as a descriptive term.

  2. More relevant of course was the parading of his 'oh so important' to him family in his 2010 election leaflets.

    No wonder he seems to find it also amazingly easy to 'forget' about trident, nuclear power, tuition fees and £6 bn of 'dangerous' cuts

  3. Anon 21:49 - Marriages end, get over it!

    This is why the Mail makes me so cross. It's all opinion dressed up as news. I couldn't care less that Chris has had an affair and left his wife - this has no consequence on his ability to be a minister. Also, who cases if she's bisexual, it is the 21 Century, some people are gay, big woop, get over it!

  4. Anonymous yes that was of course wrong but thats not the point im making here