Saturday, 19 June 2010

Stitch up on cuts?‏

On Thursday there were some claims that a prearranged clandestinely was left in the government spending plans by Labour. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander told the commons that certain recently planned projects will be cancelled. This list can be viewed on the BBC website here.

The argument goes that Labour was expecting to lose and left extra spending plans which they knew the New Government would have to cut, thereby making the new government look bad.

I like to think that this is not the case. I like to think that politicians don't do that sort of things. So I'm giving Labour the benefit of the doubt. Personally I would argue that these are not cuts because these projects have not yet begun. I would argue that these are spending proposals which will now not come to pass (although some are under review and may still happen).

Chris Huhne on BBC Question Time last night had the best sum up quote on Labours planned spending "No existence outside of the imaginations of Labour ministers". I don't know what Labour would of done with regards to cutting spending other than delay the plan to cut spending thereby risking our credit rating and interest rate payments. But could Labour if in power, go back and cut these plans while blaming their Lib Dems coalition partners? I do wonder.

When it comes to spending cuts I'm not a big fan but I do really understand that this country can't keep on spending beyond its means and will have to cut things we would prefer to keep and indeed raise taxes. I wish Labour would provide some alternatives to the government and then argue the case for these. That would put Labour in a stronger position and would in effect improve their arguments.


  1. Why would labour blame you, look your doing OK on your own with the Tories, I do not blame you, but make sure you enjoy in while you can, because if the Tories get a majority at the next election you will be on your own in the wild wild world and a lot of the so called Democrats will have gone.

    So the saying goes make hay while the Sun shines.

  2. TBH its not that fun, would rather be in when theres loads a money