Monday, 2 August 2010

The amazing story of Alvin M Greene for Senator

I first heard this amazing story of the unknown Democratic Senatorial candidate Alvin M Greene from the BBC radio 4 doc Americana. It's an extraordinary interview about his strategy for becoming a senator of South Carolina. It also gets cut off at the end after a question Mr Greene doesn't like. Hes certainly no politican which is a little refreshing.

Mr Greene won with only a $200 dollar campaign. He is unemployed and lives with his father, who he is a full time carer for. Vic Rawl requested a re run of the Democrat primary after a number of controversial questions were asked of Greene's shock victory. There was speculation that Greene was a Republican plant, questions over his filing fee payment and speculation on how he left he military.

There was also a low voter turnout of just over 22% in a fully open primary.

I'm really not sure if Alvin M Greene is good or bad for democracy just watch this interview. But then again who is to say is isn't after all some Republican have some very right wing ideas.

It's really amazing that someone with no funds can get this far in the US. Is this because no one was paying any attention to the Democrats? As South Carolina has been Republican since the 1980's. Mr Greene certainly appears to have his enemies now (Just see the video above).

You can see just how under funded he is from Mr Greene website below

I was going to add a Hip Hop video based on Alvin Greene's campaign 'Alvin Greene is on the scene' but this was removed from You Tube due to copyright claim.

So is this a good example of democracy working or a bad example. I still can't decide.


  1. Thanks for this, after listening to this chap I think its generally bad for politics in the US. He does not sound like a man who has a plan.

  2. It's a great story, and I wish him all the best, but sadly this is South Carolina and Alvin has about the same likelihood of becoming Senator for that state as Noam Chomsky has of being President.