Sunday, 22 August 2010

Charles Kennedy rumours of defection to Labour

Sunny Hundal at Liberal Conspiracy has written an excellent blog today which match my thoughts on the rumours of Charles Kennedy and others defecting to Labour. I very much agree with him that Labourites don’t under Libdems and it was odd that Kennedy took so long to respond.

Read it here Why it was unlikely Charles Kennedy would defect to Labour

We all know that Charles abstained from the vote to join the coalition and wrote his thoughts down on my in the Guardian see Charles Kennedy: Why I couldn't support Clegg's deal with the Tories.

In Kennedy defence in responding in time it should be remembered that Liberal Democrats are not as fast with the media as the other two parties. We are simply not as geared up to respond and operate to breaking stories and this does make us look bad. On the plus side this does mean your getting less spin from the Liberal Democrats.

Kennedy is also on holiday at the moment and doesn't have contact with twitter or blogs like some politicians and their staff do. He has also just had a rather bad time personally with his marriage breakup.

I dare say that as Liberal Democrats who are outspoken will get themselves in the press for it and we will see more of these stories. But I'm confident that no MP will leave the Liberal Democrats because of it.

Todays link is to pollbludger blog in Australia which covers all the happenings in the General Election which ended in a hung parliament.

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