Sunday, 15 August 2010

Labour MP advising the coalition

Some commentators have a problem with the appointment of Labour MP's as tsar or advisers because they believe a member of the coalition should take there place. For example Iain Dale asks if there are no Conservatives with the capability or talent to carry out these roles? see Then They Came For Alan Milburn...

Others in Labour have called these MP's traitors see Labour list here or the Guardian here.

I don't see these appointments as a bad thing. I think its good to have inclusive government after all in the case of Alan Milburn as the social mobility tsar he does bring something to the table. Alan Milburn did undertake a major study on social mobility for the Labour government which did not take up any of his proposals.

Why should we think that all the best MP's are indeed in the coalition. Perhaps we can find some who can advise the government who have experience in government like the odd ex Labour minister. After all one thing this new coalition government lacks its experience. It appears we have found some on the other side of the house.

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