Thursday, 12 August 2010

Was the denial conference a good idea?

Ok I do agree with what was said as I understand the need to remind
people why these cuts are being made (or at least on reason for them) I
also agree with joint Lib Dem and Conservative announcements.

Now that said what I can't agree with is having a joint conference to
attack the Labour party. It could be argued that this shows a unite
front. Problem is if you make politics into an us and them you give
Labour more fire power.

This is not a us verse them it should be us and them verse them.
Sometimes we should even disagree with our coalition partner.

Another point is that the British public like an underdog. If there is
too many joint attacks then the British people will feel as though the
Labour party are being picked on. Labour could use this as a defence and
thereby improving their defence.

So next time there is a 'press conference' to tell the masses about how
Labour have gone on a bender they should be separate and at different
times or on different subjects. We can put our side in our own press
conference and them theirs. Maybe the coalition would get a double bang
for their buck. This would at least demonstrate that it is too separate
parties attacking another. Us attacking them and them attacking them.

Details of the conference from the BBC

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