Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Memory Walk 2010

On the right hand side of Bracknell blog you will see a small advert for a local community event. This event is being held at St Georges School in Ascot and is organised by the Alzheimer's Society.
The walk is on Sunday 12th September 2010. the full address is 
St George's School
St George's Lane
Off Ascot High Street
Walk starts 2:30pm (registration from 2:00pm)
This is one of a number of walks held around the country details of this walk can be found at
This is a family event which a has the aim of raising money to fight dementia. After the walk there will also be a number of stalls which includes the coconut shy, Tombola, Ascot races, pay for a song and many more.
Alzheimer's to me is the disease I hate the most having seen its effects on a member of the family I have to say it scares me more than any other disease. Anyone can get this it doesn't matter how intelligent you are how active you are you can still get this disease. So anything that can be done to fight this incurable disease is time and money well spent.
Bracknell Blog does not believe in advertising on this site but I am more than happy to display any local charity or community not for profit events on the blog page. Please do let me know if you also want your poster on this blog and I will consider it.


  1. It is awful, to see the ones that you are attached to fade out of their bodies.
    It is dreadful watching someone trying to recall and failing.
    The cherished memories that you would want to go back over a share again.
    There is no more sharing of memory, only of the pain of absence.
    There was an article in the Irish Examiner - The indignity of dementia, a half-life witnessed by those who love them (Here)
    that I read recently. It brings home some of the wrench and wretchedness.

  2. It is one of the most awful things I have seen, I totally hate it

  3. In my previous line of work, I had cause to deal with many families affected by Alzheimers and losing loved ones as a result of this soul destroying disease. It always suprises me how taboo this subject seems to be and how little money is donated to them as a charity. Unless a person is directly affected by this disease, it seems that it is largely swept under the carpet, along with the devastation that is caused to the friends and families of those suffering. I really believe that The Alzheimers Society needs to have its profile raised and more support given to those affected by the disease and their carers, who are quite frankly amazing people who give so much.

  4. I am a volunteer at the Alzheimer's Drop in area in the Look In on Wednesdays. I didn't know a lot about this terrible disease when I fist started but I certainly do now. I agree with Alvin that it must be terrible to see the person you love (whether it be spouse, parent, grandparent or even your own offspring) change and lose their previous life, almost an early death in many way. I am proud to say we help a lot of people. One man, who is now a regular, said the day he saw the sign about the Drop In, was the day his life started to look up. There IS help out there, not always through the usual channels, but from many, many unpaid volunteers who really do want to help. So, if you need any help, or even just a chat and a cuppa, come along on Monday or Wednesday to the Look In, beween 10 and 12.
    And if you are lucky enough not to have experienced this, please remember the many people who have, and support this walk. PLASE!!