Friday, 20 August 2010

Speculation is not reality

Recently there has been claims of cuts to pensions, child benefit or winter fuel allowance and other so called middle class benefits (really universal benefits). I would just like to remind the frenzied media that this is all speculation.

Yes these benefits are part of the discussions but you don't know what the conclusion are and nor will we for months. Perhaps some of these benefits will be means tested or perhaps those cuts won't happen. Who knows I don't and nor do you (the media). I agreed with Iain Dale (see Middle Class Benefits: Luxuries We Cannot Afford) in that 'Middle Class Benefits' should be means tested.

Speculation is not very helpful when it's discussed as if it has become reality. It is not yet or may not ever be reality. Do we have to put up with this continued non new's story until the spending review on 20th October.  I expect we do but I would prefer not argue about something that has not happened.

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