Monday, 9 August 2010

School milk makes me sick

Following politics closely can give you a different prospective on the world of breaking news stories to that of the 24hour news media. Take the scrap free milk for children under five story which was reported as the government not knowing what it is doing by most news channels.

I think this error was mostly all down to the Conservative MP for Guildford not knowing the difference between what has been decided on and what is up for discussion. Of course this looked worse when the PM office heard the story and released a press statement saying that this is not a coalition government plan. Catching Minister David Willetts who never out.

If this story was to be spun well then as soon as David Willetts interview had finished then the Prime Minister office should of made the statement. This is why sometimes spin becomes a necessary evil in the 24 hour media world. Because the news media will run with the story and then make out that there has been confusion when the was simply an error my one minister.

Firstly I don't think David Willetts was caught out as he said on the Andrew Marr show that a number of options are up for discussion which keeps him in the clear.

Secondly Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said the "chaos" was "shambolic" and undermined the PM's ministers. This political tactic worked well and the media used the chaotic term. I can see now that this may of happened to Labour from time to time and I guess I understand if it did. Interesting how the tables turn.

Thirdly this was the media chance to remind everyone how 'evil' Margaret Thatcher was when she took away the milk from over-7s. Interesting how there was no mention of Wilson's 1968 Labour government taking milk away from secondary school pupils. As pointed out by John Redwoods rather enjoyable rant here.

Personally as someone who is having a child soon I would prefer milk to be replaced by fruit. I have a dislike of milk as I did have it at school and I was constantly made sick by warm full fat milk. This put me right of milk in my younger days.

Incidentally Anne Milton is the same MP who said that doctors should tell people they are fat rather than obese. I think its up to them but to me fat actually sounds kind of than obese.

Im expecting a few more mistakes from Mrs Milton I think she could be one to keep an eye on.


  1. I strongly agree with the thrust of this article. The attachment to milk is seriously out-dated. Nowadays cows' milk is well known to be associated with a wide array of health problems. The leading nutritional book TChina Study by Dr Colin Campbell of Cornell (described by the New York Times as the Grand Prix of Epidemiology) sets out in detail the scientific arguments against drinking milk. The are much healthier ways for children to obtain nutrients such as calcium. Much better to provide kids with fresh fruit and vegetables from an early age.

  2. It is rather sentimental! But ensuring that children get 'five-a-day' is so important, this media non-event leaves the questions unanswered - which is sad considering the coalition.

  3. It is Sentimental and Milk is not as good as other food/drink products. Its one of those things you cant touch because its children related.