Monday, 10 May 2010

Liberal Democrats are using Labour to get more from the Tories

Been quite a day where the Prime Minster resigns and it is not the top story.

I think the Liberal Democrats are playing a classic negotiation techniques. They have not got want they want from the Conservative party so now they are playing them off against the Labour party. It's not an easy game any of the parties are playing as they all have something to lose, perhaps none more so than the Liberal Democrats themselves.

I hope there can be some kind of a coalition because this would stop a small clique from running a party as they will have to deal with and agree with a wider group.

I'm not going to guess what happens next.


  1. Lib Dems get into bed with the Tories for two years and then UKIP win the next election under a FPTP system. Simples.

  2. Oops - too much jolly juice when I wrote my last coz of heavy lunchtime session at the Jacko. I really ment the Tories will win by APV in 2012.

  3. LibDems have played a blinder. Fooling the Tories into thinking that the LibDems could form a government with Labour and getting the Tories to go further than they wanted with the AV referedum. Great negotiating by Clegg, perhaps he should be the new PM?

  4. Realaler ha ha so UKIP are the tories 80)

    Well I would worry for PM if Cameron gives in so easly still at least the Lib Dems are there to keep them in check.

  5. save our NHS from privatisation
    NHS Nurse

  6. Michael the NHS will be safe even the tories promissed this