Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mark Reckons is bowing out. Who can blame him.

Mark Reckons has decided to finish blogging. Who can blame him.

Blogging especially at Marks level becomes very demanding and can take over your life. The media can call you at any time of night, you can be asked questions about the patry when your not an MP. You get dragged into long twitter discussions. You have to keep your blog up to date with regular comment conduct research which takes time and eats into your private life. This the only way to keep your blog popular. It can become an addiction. So I can't blame him for stopping.

Mark setup Bracknell blog and has helped me out on many many occasions. Mark is also an active member of the local Liberal Democrats and we have been knocking on doors together during his local election campaigns and at other times. I really enjoy Marks passion for his subjects and his vast political knowledge.

I do remember Marks blog gaining populaity very quickly after this post in May 2009Has our electoral system contributed to the MPs expenses scandal? This analysis was linked to and referred to by MP's even on Question Time. Also in May 2009 Andrew Mackay's now famous puplic meeting happened Reaction to Andrew MacKay's meeting in Bracknell last night. During this time Mark shot up from Wikio ranking of 135 in politics to 55 in June and then 17 in August. A level he has maintained up to 13 today.

Mark has also been a big campaigner for electral reform and drugs reform (I am supporting this Motion for drugs impact assessment at Lib Dem Autumn Conference which Mark is supporting.

I for one will really miss Mark as will the Liberal Democrats. Although I still hope to see him soon at the Liberal Democrat conference. I wish Mark well for he is brilliant at whatever he does as his blogging and House of Comments podcasts demonstrate.

Mark Reckons is the whole and only reason why I took up blogging as I was only meant to help out on this blog. So I have him to thank your allowing my voice to be heard.

Mark was as I remember Jennie Rigg tweeting that Mark Reckons was becoming the Liberal Democrat Iain Dale. I think he did in all the best ways.


  1. wow that is a bit of a shock.....you stepping into his place :O>

  2. Oh no I never could, although I will have to slow up when I have my baby in November

  3. Is this the blogoshpere equivalent of an obituary, or a eulogy?